Contagion - Free Software for Network Analysis & Generation, and Disease Simulation

What is it?

Contagion is a C library for analysing and generating networks, and for simulating diseases processes upon them. It is free software, licenced under the GNU GPL, version 2. It has been tested on Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris 9, but should work on any platform with a recent C99 compiler.

What does it do?

Why use it?

Citing Contagion

If you use Contagion in any published work, you are encouraged to cite it, as follows:

Vernon, M. C. (2007). Contagion: Free Software for Network Analysis & Generation, and Disease Simulation.

The following BibTeX fragment might be useful:

author ={Matthew Christopher Vernon},
title ={Contagion: Free Software for Network Analysis \& Generation, and Disease Simulation},


You can download the version 1.0 here. The documentation is available online as a PDF document; it's an excerpt from my thesis, which is why the layout is a little unusual for software documentation.

Issues with version 1.0

As per the documentation, the header files in version 1.0 use the development name of this software, gsalgs. The next release will rename the header files and soname to fit the new name, Contagion.

Forthcoming features

The next release version will incorporate dynamic networks, and a range of static network models based upon dynamic networks. The simulation model will also be slightly updated. An HTML version of the documentation is also in the works.

There will be a python module with the next release, as well, enabling the library structures and routines to be used direct from python code.

The features described above are mostly implemented in the author's code-base; if you have a particular need for them, please get in touch. They are not generally available yet, to avoid making it too easy for my current research to be replicated before I've published it!

Matthew Vernon
Coventry, England

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